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 Angelina was born in 1954 in Shipley, West Yorkshire as Angela Brooksbank. The name Angelina was given to her from a very special friend, who made her believe in her self-worth. Psychic and mediums were not really heard of even in the spiritualist church who did exist at that time still only played a small part in recognition of psychic ability,

Angelina's Mother believed in the 'Born Again Christianity' and her psychic ability was shunned so you can imagine the trouble she got herself into. At an early age Angelina needed to know why she had this ability it began to be a quest to find out more about herself. she asked a librarian for books on this sort of thing.

There Angelina spent many hours reading all sorts of books, lots about psychic ability and who she was and the power of the mind. People always ask what training she has had and what paper work she has received, well, none. She feels she can never win because people who don't believe say she uses peoples vulnerability and people who do believe think you have to belong somewhere or have certificates. In Angelina's political beliefs she does feel there should be some sort of control for the protection of clients and for the psychics but at the same time the governing body should be an independent body only for Psychics and of course the clients. She thinks it will be hard work to put it into practice but is very much needed.

Angelina has worked in all walks of life, not only is she a very good psychic and medium, but her vast and varied life experiences, have created a deep wisdom. As a wise man once said...

"The truth is often seen but rarely heard."
So, come and see for yourself . . . .